It is important to have garage door and opener safety labeling in place.  Missing labels can represent a liability for the homeowner.  Protect your family and guests.  

Call today and we can help you determine if you have the proper labels in place.

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A broken or poorly working garage door can be dangerous.  

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Common Garage Door Issues and Symptoms

Broken Spring:  The door will not open, or opens several inches and stops.

The pictured spring system has two springs--a left spring and a right spring.  Some doors have a single spring.  Springs on a two-spring setup should always be replaced in pairs.

Broken Cable or Cable out of Place:  The door is not level with the floor.

Rollers:  Worn rollers can rattle, drag in the track, or allow the door to come out of the track.

Hinges:  Hinges can break or separate from the door, allowing the door come out of the track.

Sections:  Door sections, or panels, may weaken and crack over time.  The door may squeak or make popping noises.  The door may sag in the open position.  The door may bind and fail to close.

Track:  The garage door track can become bent through abuse.  The track can also detach from the wall or ceiling.

Garage Door Openers:  Garage door openers can fail to operate for a variety of reasons.  The garage door may need to be serviced.  The original installation settings may need to be updated.  Low-voltage wiring may develop an electrical short.  Safety sensors may need to be adjusted or replaced.  Circuit boards and other components can fail.

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